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These video clips will allow you to see a brief opening entitled "Work in Progress" as well as many examples of our television work.  For a sampling of our Corporate videos
click here.  Please download each file to your hard drive first. The real player is needed for lo-res playback.

For help on how to download and/or view the clips, click here.

"Work in Progress" intro clip
"Work in Progress"

Introductory text and graphics explaining the High Quality difference. We are always striving to improve ourselves and our work, hence the title.


Family HealthCare Network - Yesterday & Today
"Yesterday & Today"

A feel-good spot to tug at the heart strings. Elegant and classy feel. The "film look" has been applied for a rich presentation that promotes the client's 7 valley locations.


Clevenger Ford - "Spring is in the Air"
"Spring is in the Air"

An on-camera spokeperson encourages consumers to
give our client a try. A polished, "template" style production that allows for affordable re-edits in the future.


"Infiltrate B.W.C."

A tongue in cheek take off of a certain spy film.  3D graphics, costumes, and multiple layers of complex effects make for a real attention getter.



Public Relations spot illustrating the human touch in banking. Elegant and classy feel. The "film look" has been applied for a rich presentation.


"New Office"

Informative spot using multiple video clips to illustrate the many helpful services offered by our client. A 3D man and woman bring the client's logo to life.


"Hungry for Breakfast"

Custom music bed with vocals literally sing the client's praises.  A take off on a familiar TV show's theme music.  A unique spot unlike all the rest.  Effective and a lot of fun!


"Tax Time 2002"

Fast paced and high-tech, helping people to appreciate how much money they can save with the right tax preparation service.


"Escape the Routine"

Dream sequence where a woman imagines she's on the beach relaxing while having a laser hair removal session. Green screen and other effects take us there.


"The Right Provider"

Effects heavy spot for Nextel dealer. Adobe After Effects and Lightwave 3D featured extensively in this adventurous, high-tech spot.


"Popular Demand"

Swish pans add a nice touch to the wide-angle showroom shots in this retail spot.  A furniture store with great prices and inventory. The Client loved it.


"The Best"

A futuristic mixture of computer graphics using Adobe After Effects and Lightwave 3D to promote the client's ISP service.


"A Great Bite"

A light-hearted spot featuring mouth-watering food made with a homemade style. Novelty voice-over used.


"Business & Pleasure"

The annual Oktoberfest business showcase and trade show at the Visalia Convention Center.  Greenscreen effect. on opening shot.



A Public Service Announcement to encourage all to read more. Interviews with school children pump up the "cute" factor to gain the viewer's attention.


"Do it Yourselfer"

Thematic spot with married couple. Creative music and sound effects set the mood. Surprise ending too!


If you need help viewing the clips:

These video clips will allow you to see our "Demo Reel" as well as a few other samples of our work on your computer.

The files are offerd in two versions- a smaller real-video clip, as well as a higher quality mpeg clip. To view the former, you must have the real player installed on your Mac or PC. The mpeg clips should be viewable on any Mac or PC built within the last few years without any additional software. The clips are relatively large if you are using a modem to connect to the internet. They are 1-2 megabytes for the lo-res files and 6-8 megs for the hi-res versions. It may take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to download them.

Either way, it is recommended that you download the file to your hard drive first- either the smaller real player file or the larger hi-res mpeg file by right clicking on it (Or option-key clicking for you Mac people) and selecting "Save Target as...", then navigate to the location you saved it to on your hard drive and click on it to view it.

If you would like to receive a VHS videotape or a cd-rom copy and see them full screen and at a higher video quality, please contact us.

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